5 Twitter Tools Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

Marketing ideas are floating all over the place. Principles of social media lead generation are a good deal of across the web. In addition, there are some great articles about it having a handful amount of resources to stimulate you to do an improved job. However, that’s not really enough for an online digital marketer in terms of ensuring the optimum yield at minimum efforts.

A leads generation campaign through social media includes equally imaginative as well while stereotyping activities. Both of them stand equal with regards to importance, effort, and results. Unless you automate leads generation mechanism and save period, you cannot really give attention to applying lead acquisition approaches.

A social media automation tool ensures that …

  • Your social account gets fresh content consistently.
  • You have better control over lead generation strategies.
  • You save critical hours by auto scheduling certain manual and error-prone tasks.

5 Twitter tools that could help to generate more leads along with new followers for your account.

Tweet Full – Gain Follower, Drive Traffic


Tweet Full works like is a marketing campaign that allows you to target potential leads from your industry. You just need to specify which keywords and hashtags you want to search for and Tweet Full works every time all the time. You can even target the kind of people you want to engage with. For instance, you could look for people who Tweet about “gadgets” and have “editor” in their Twitter bio. You could even specify the level of influence this person must have.

Tweet Full starts auto Liking, auto Following and auto ReTweeting as soon as you create a promotion. You can control the frequency and number of people you want to engage with. You could engage with as many as 10 people every 10 minutes or you could limit it to 2 people an hour.

Social Quant – Increase your followers, Engagement and Leads Today


Social Quant increases the size and quality of your Twitter account rapidly. A larger quality Twitter following will engage more with you, retweet you, click on your links and ultimately do more business with you. Social Quant works similar to a skilled social media specialist. The difference between Social Quant and a specialist is that Social Quant does it faster, better, at a lower cost and at a much larger scale. Using the power of Big Data, our hard-working algorithms listen to all conversations throughout Twitter and if one of the keywords you’ve selected when you set up your Social Quant account is mentioned, we will analyze the Twitter account that used that keyword to determine if it seems to be a valuable account to follow.

Using this strategy has proven to continuously grow a large and meaningful following of real people on Twitter. As your Twitter account gains real, relevant followers, we also let you know which of the keywords you selected are most effective so you can continuously improve both your keywords and your marketing content. We recommend that you let Social Quant handle all the following and unfollowing of accounts, especially when you have less than 2000 followers. In other words, although it is tempting, do not follow back. Instead, lean back and enjoy Social Quant as we handle growing your Twitter account. All you have to focus on is engaging with your new audience.

Socedo – Automated Social Media Lead Generation


Bring relevant social prospects into your sales pipeline

It’s great when someone takes the time to download your whitepaper or signup for a trial. But do you know a much larger audience is talking about your product, your competitors or industry thought leaders on Twitter? They may be interested in your product but didn’t make it into your sales funnel. Socedo brings those social prospects that match your custom criteria to you.

Qualify social prospects via automated engagement

Once you approve a prospect, Socedo automatically looks up their other social profiles and engages with them automatically on Twitter using a customizable workflow. By approving prospects, you build a pool of qualified social leads every day.

Social Lead Performance Report

Socedo provides critical business insights into your custom criteria and your engagement with your social leads. You will be able to finetune your criteria and engagement workflow to get even higher quality leads over time.

Quintly – Professional Social Media Analytics


Quintly is a web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance. By using quintly, you can benchmark your own numbers against your competitors’ and derive an optimal social media strategy.

Get valuable competitor insights and data like never seen before. Benchmark your social media performance with best-practice examples and competitors in every possible way. You don’t need to waste your precious lifetime by manually tracking your social media KPIs. With quintly you can move forward, get up and running without any hassle – in less than 2 minutes.

Combine the social media data of all your social networks in one tool. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs or all, quintly visualizes and checks your social marketing success, presented in a clean and neat design to always keep the overview. Automate the reporting of your social media analysis. Set up whitelabeled templates, easily create custom reports and send them as you like.

Connectors – Automated Social Media Lead Generation



Stay ahead of the competition with social selling lead generation.

Fill your sales funnel with live data on thousands of social media leads:

  • Nurture leads;
  • Increase product/brand awareness;
  • Content promotion and distribution;
  • Highlight Events/Webinar promotions.


Target relevant sales leads at scale:

  • Search – multiple keywords and data sources to automate the identification of sales leads.
  • Target – only target influential sales leads. Start social prospecting and nurture powerful leads.


To be successful sales and marketing teams must have instant access to relevant leads in real-time.

Connectors Influence Index (CII) scores and ranks the most influential sales leads. The Connectors automated sales lead influence scoring system: (CII = activity + relevance + followers).



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